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The PSAT has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 25.  This will NOT be a minimum day.  School will begin at 8:25 AM and dismiss at 3:30 PM.  All students should attend school that day.
CLASS REGISTRATION » Class Registration for 2017-18

Class Registration for 2017-18


February 2017


Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 


We are excited to let you know that class registration for the 2017-18 school year is just around the corner. The first step in the process is to indicate whether or not your student will be returning this fall as a student at Western Sierra through your School Mint account. This process is open between the dates of February 3-17. Please refer to our newsletter and the email from Donna Walsh sent on January 26th.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this. It truly helps us in our planning for next year and guarantees a spot for your student at Western Sierra.


The next big step is to register for classes! We will be utilizing Powerschool (current grades 9-11) and a paper version for the registration process. The course selection process begins February 6th and continues until February 28th. Your student’s Powerschool login information is necessary to complete this process. If you do not know your PS login information, please refer to your most recent report card mailed home in January as it contains this information. If that is not available, please contact Mrs. Allen, our Registrar, at


Once you have logged in to Powerschool, click on Class Registration. There will be information there to guide you through the process. As a school, offering the main courses necessary for graduation and college entrance requirements takes precedence after which additional courses will be offered to enhance our programs based on interest, staffing and resource allocation.
Several subject areas and grade levels have predetermined courses which are also indicated in the process for your review. Where there is choice, please select the edit button and make your choices based on the student’s current course of study and pre-requisite classes that are necessary for success. Please make sure you have submitted your responses in Powerschool when finished.
To aid your student in this process, our counseling staff will be meeting with students individually in their Social Studies/History class to go over their class selections. This will occur between February 6-28. Please have your student prepared with their course registration sheet filled out and having registered for classes in Powerschool before their counselor meeting. Adjustments to their course selections can be made accordingly.
Students will receive the following prior to meeting with a counselor. Please be thorough in reviewing this information with your student prior to registering:
  1. Registration Instructions
  2. Registration Form
    The Registration Form needs to be brought to school to review with counseling staff during their designated time in their history class.
  3. Transcript (Grades 9-11) to assist in the planning of course registration.
Student schedules will be reviewed in the Counseling Office. We realize there may be various questions that arise as you go through this process. If you or your student has a question, please ask according to the following staff assigned list:
Mrs. Allen: Current 7th & 8th grade
Mrs. Womeldorf: Current 9th & 10th grade
Mr. Kling: Current 11th grade.
Mrs. Kling is available for all grade levels.


Please visit these links to get further information:
Powerschool: Follow this link to login and register for classes. The class registration will be closed to students on February 28th at the end of the day.
High School Course Catalog: Follow this link to read our high school course descriptions.
Graduation Requirements: Follow this link to understand our requirements.
Four Year Plan: Follow this link to help plan your four high school years at WSCA
CTE Works: (formerly ROP) Click here to get 2017-18 course information.
Minimum UC Entrance Requirements: Follow this link to see the minimum requirements for the University of California and see the 'a-g' course pattern.

Thank you for your support of your student and Western Sierra.