A Rigorous and Balanced Program That Matters

Western Sierra Collegiate Academy builds from the nationally recognized Core Knowledge curriculum implemented in our elementary schools to establish an enhanced curriculum for 7th and 8th grade. Strong in depth and rigor, it provides a solid foundation for success in the college preparatory coursework for grades 9-12.

All students in grades 9-12 will be enrolled in the coursework required for entrance to the University of California. It is the expectation that all students will take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework beginning in 10th grade and continuing on through their senior year. A student can take from four to eleven AP courses while a student here. You may visit the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy UC 'a-g' Course List here.

Students will leave WSCA prepared for an increasingly competitive global economy, confident that their skills with ensure success in college and the work place.

WSCA is committed to offering your child a choice of extra curricular activities. We understand the importance of this in a student's middle and high school experience. Please visit our Athletics and Clubs & Activities page for more information.

Please visit our High School Course Descriptions catalog for information on our courses that are offered.
Please visit our School Profile for an overview of our school.


Page updated February 21, 2016