What is Western Sierra Collegiate Academy?

Western Sierra Collegiate Academy (WSCA) is a public, tuition-free charter school of choice for students in the greater Placer County, California area. Founded by a coalition of experienced educators and parents, WSCA prepares graduates to enter and thrive at the world's finest universities and colleges.

WSCA features a small school community, with high academic standards and a student code of conduct.

Who created WSCA?

WSCA was developed under the leadership of Rocklin Academy. Rocklin Academy is a charter public school serving grades K-6. Rocklin Academy has achieved outstanding academic success since 2001, and is the highest performing public school in Placer County. The WSCA Planning Committee was comprised of educators and parents committed to the development of a high quality college preparatory school.

Is WSCA's college preparatory program right for my son or daughter?

WSCA believes that all students are capable of thriving in a demanding college preparatory program. Student success requires commitment by students, parents, and teachers and hard work. Students will flourish in an environment that allows them to achieve their full potential. Dedicated to excellence, the school is structured to recognize and respond to the developmental, cognitive and creative needs of students.


What is WSCA's educational focus?

WSCA is a college preparatory charter public school serving students in grades seven through twelve. WSCA provides an engaging and rigorous academic curriculum, focusing on math, science, social studies, and the arts. All students are enrolled in the courses needed to attend the University of California, California State Universities, and the most selective private universities.

7th-8th grade curriculum

WSCA embeds the nationally recognized Core Knowledge curriculum into 7th, and 8th grade. Strong in depth and rigor, it provides a solid foundation for success in the college preparatory coursework in grades 9-12.

High School curriculum

All students in High School (grades 9-12) are enrolled in the course work required for entrance to the University of California and selective private universities. The curriculum is engaging and rigorous, meeting and exceeding California state standards. It emphasizes science, math, social studies, and the arts. It is the expectation that all students will take the Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and/or University of Cambridge International Examinations (IGSCE) by the time they are in 11th or 12th grade.

University of Cambridge International Examinations is an established and prestigious educational course and assessment program that operates in more than 150 countries world-wide. For more information about University of Cambridge International Examinations, go to www.cie.org.uk

Are there other schools like WSCA?

The design and educational program of WSCA is similar to some of the best public and private schools in the United States. The structure of WSCA is based on the Pacific Collegiate School, the highest achieving open enrollment high school in California. Pacific Collegiate continues to be fully supportive of the creation of WSCA, and has assisted in the development of the school. The foundation of WSCA is based on the excellent program created by Pacific Collegiate. More information about Pacific Collegiate School is available at www.pacificcollegiate.com

Where is the WSCA campus located?

WSCA is located at 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin, CA 95765.

How can I help?

We welcome your help in bringing this exciting new educational choice to South Placer County. Please e-mail kreyne@rocklinacademy.org or call (916) 778-4544 to volunteer.