School Overview

A 7-12 Public Charter School

Serving South Placer County


Western Sierra Collegiate Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school of choice for students in the greater Placer County California area. Founded by a coalition of experienced educators and parents, Western Sierra prepares graduates to enter and thrive at the world's finest universities and colleges.


As a charter school, Western Sierra operates independently of a traditional school district and is governed by the Board of Directors of the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools.



1.      7-12 College Preparatory curriculum mapped to support an emphasis on Advanced Placement courses during the student’s 10th through 12th grade years.

2.      All graduation requirement courses meet UC a-g requirements.

3.      When applicable, courses are aligned to meet Common Core California State Standards.


Keys to Drawing the Best from EVERY Student:


1.      High Expectations

2.      A Small School Community

3.      Active, Involved Parents

4.      World Class Curriculum

5.      Safe, Supportive Environment

6.      Highly Qualified Teachers


Western Sierra Community Outreach Activities


Western Sierra conducts extensive outreach activities to broadly inform all parts of our community about the opportunity to apply for admission to Western Sierra. Our outreach plan is guided by the research literature that has identified components of an effective choice program.

• Advertisements in local newspapers and online community resources

• Welcoming website with lots of information for prospective parents and students

• Website available in Spanish

• Spanish language version of our key outreach material

• Special Ed information on website at school

• Special Education information is noted in outreach material

• Participation in and distribution of information to members of the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce