Work Permit

Work Permit Process

  1. You must receive a job offer. 
  2. Get your work permit application filled out (CDE Form B1-1), signed by a parent and your employer. 
  3. Complete Permit (CDE Form B1-4) by filling in personal information and signing. 
  4. Bring both forms into the College and Career Center to get approved and signed. 
    1. Allow up to 2 days to be properly processed
    2. Check back with Mrs. B for the signed permit
  5. Bring the Work Permit to your employer.
  6. Please note, WSCA is not open all summer. You may get your form signed by the District Office for the month of July. Contact Brigid Perakis ( for District Office permits to be signed. WSCA will continue issuing work permits at the beginning of August.

General information about work permits:

    • You must have a work permit from your high school in order to have a job.
    • For assistance with completing the paperwork, contact Mrs B ( (excluding summer break)
    • Work permits are renewed annually at the start of school or when a student obtains a new job.
    • Work permits serve as an age certificate and state the maximum hours a minor may work.
    • Students have restricted working hours depending on their age
    • You must attend school full time (except for summer vacation) and cannot be truant.
    • All minors must be covered by Workers’ Compensation, including minors employed by businesses operating from a private residence. 
    • It is illegal for your employer to fire or punish you for reporting a workplace problem.
  • Permits can be rescinded by poor or failing grades and unexcused attendance.
For additional information visit the California Department of Education’s Work Permits for Students page