Class Registration

WSCA, incoming Gateway, and incoming Turnstone and Meyers students will have classroom Course Planning Presentations followed by Student Individual Course Request Meetings with WSCA counselors.
Parents and students should follow the steps below to ensure they are prepared to register on the
appropriate day:

Step 1: Declare Intent to Return: Login to your family’s SchoolMint account at to indicate your student’s intent to return to

Western Sierra next academic school year.  Contact Donna Walsh, Admissions Technician, at for any questions.

    •  Returning WSCA families need to indicate their intent to return by January 31st.
    • All other families interested in Western Sierra should go to this link: Application Information.

Step 2:   Students Plan Course Requests- Students will receive course planning/college prep advising presentations and course request materials

during class, so attendance these days is very important.

Current 11th Grade

Jan 28- 29th (transcript/grad review) 

Jan 30- 31st (course planning)




Current 7 & 8 (WSCA)

Feb 10th & 11th

Current 10th Grade

Feb 4th & Feb 5th

Make-up ELT (WSCA students)

Feb 13th

Current 9th Grade

Feb 6th & 7th

Current 8th Grade (Gateway)

Feb 14th, 10:00am-10:55am

  • It is the responsibility of your student to get missed information and materials- WSCA students must register for the make-up ELT.  Gateway students must see Ms. Denisevich.
  • Discuss course requests with your student.  Please have a conversation at home about the balance of rigor.  While multiple AP and Dual Enrollment courses are offered for upper grades, please consider a balanced workload and take into account extracurricular activities, athletics, family and volunteer/community service commitments.  
  • Student to input course requests into Powerschool.

Step 3: Student Individual Course Request Meetings- Help your student prepare for their individual registration meeting. 

  • Course Request Form should have student and parent signatures and forms ready, in the student’s backpack, prior to their meeting date listed below.  
  • Students are encouraged to write down any student or parent course request questions and bring them to their course request meeting

Current 11th Grade

Feb 25th & 26th




Current 7 & 8 (WSCA)

March 10th & 11th

Current 10th Grade

Feb. 28 & March 1

Make-up ELT (WSCA students)

March 12th

Current 9th Grade

March 4 & 5

Current 8th Grade (Gateway)

March 13th

     While every effort is made to place students into their preferred courses, please be aware that changes may occur due to course scheduling conflicts, curriculum resources and staffing availability.


We realize there may be various questions that arise as you go through this process. If you or your student has a question,

please ask according to the following staff assigned list:

Mrs. Womeldorf: incoming 7th, 9th and 11th grades

Mrs. Harris: incoming 8th, 10th and 12th grades

Mrs. Kling: support for various grade levels


Thank you for your support of your student and Western Sierra.