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Hello students and parents!
2019-2020 marks my 10th year as a teacher, and my 4th at Western Sierra. This year I am teaching Integrated Math III / Pre-Calculus. I am also serving as the Technology Integration Coordinator for Western Sierra, which means I work with teachers on technology goals, demo lessons and products for staff, and find technology tools to help us better serve our students, staff, and parents.
I became a teacher because I love working with students and seeing how they learn new concepts and relate them to the world. My hope is to help students see that they are all mathematicians and that math is much more accessible and interesting than they might choose to believe. Once we get there, I hope to help students justify their answers and be able to explain their reasoning to others. I believe this skill translates to several areas of life, beyond just mathematics.
Class information will be posted on Google Classroom, so please make sure you are receiving those updates in your email. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!
Here's to a successful and enjoyable school year!
Here's one idea on how we can elevate the status of math and raise mathematicians:
Stop describing math as "useful" to young people: Math is amazing and we have to start treating it that way- In My Humble Opinion for PBS