I love physics. I love to teach. I love to share my excitement for physics. Since coming to WSCA I have learned that building relationships is the most enjoyable part of teaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with students and look forward to being able to help guide young people to becoming the best version of themselves they can be.


In my free time I like to grow a vegetable garden, cook, go fishing and camping. I like to play all kinds of games, some of my favorites include; magic the gathering, chess, Fluxx, Betrayal, Bang!, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft. I also like to learn about almost anything, and to have intellectual discussions.

Above all I love to spend time with my wife Erin and my two children, Brandon, and Aubrey.


I grew up in Pilot Hill California, a small town of about 400 people. I grew up on 5 acres (the smallest parcel of land allowed in rural areas of the county). The school district was quite geographically large, but my graduating class was less than 100. I knew all of my classmates by name, and many of the kids who were not in my graduating class as well. It was a great place to live, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Near the end of my senior year I decided that of the subjects I took in High School the thing I most enjoyed was the word problems in my calculus class. It was fun to apply the calculus we had learned to a real world problem. I found the challenge of coming up with equations from scratch, to be exciting. I knew that Physics was a science that would do exactly that. I took a physics class in college and found the things I was learning to be so exciting. I enjoyed learning so much about how things work from a physics perspective. I decided from then on that Physics would be my major.

I have always been someone who searches for truth and knowledge wherever I could find it. I enjoy wise sayings from all cultures and things about life and philosophy. But it wasn’t quite enough, something was missing. I found what I was looking for spiritually when I joined a church. I know I cannot be preaching things to my class, but I wanted to share because it was a defining moment in my life. After 2 years of attending sierra college, where I took Physics classes and tutored other students, I went on a 2 year mission for my church. This took dedication and discipline. But it was an uplifting experience, I learned so much about life and the people I served. After my mission I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Physics at Brigham Young University where I met my wife. We were married, and we both graduated the same weekend! Needless to say it was quite hectic. I got a job in Wisconsin near the end of 2010. It was a desk job working with code, debugging software etc. I found that it wasn’t for me, and I decided to go back to school to broaden my horizons. I got into the Master’s program in Physics at Brigham Young University in 2012. While there, I enrolled in teaching courses so that I could earn my teaching credential.

I have been teaching since 2014/15. I have taught physics, AP physics, conceptual physics, chemistry and Engineering.