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PE Syllabus


  Physical Education Course Syllabus

Instructor:  Chad Smith

Email: [email protected]

Room: Gym and Weight Room


Physical Education is a class for students who want to exercise and improve/maintain their level of fitness.  This class is a great way to get in shape by doing a wide variety of physical activities and learning about healthy living.  This class will help students develop healthy bodies and minds, promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness and skills.  Each student will be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that impact his/her well-being.

Course Content:  

In this course, students will be given the opportunity to participate in a number of physically active activities, including team sports, dancing, weight lifting, and more.  You will have the opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge through a variety of assessments like presentations, tests and physical performance. In taking this course, you will gain the skills and understanding of how to engage in an active and healthy life.

Essential Skills

  • Ethics, teamwork, behavior
  • Athletic skill development
  • Personal health and fitness program
  • Dance
  • Game creation

Course Expectations: 

  • Regular attendance 
  • Respect for all peers and teachers 
  • Active participation and positive attitude at all times
  • Daily preparedness with proper athletic wear
  • Make-up absences


80% Betas - active participation and demonstration of  essential standards

20% Alphas - demonstration of behavioral class values, and student learning that occurs through opportunities for activity 

Essential Standards are summative assessments (betas) that allow your student to demonstrate their learning from the learning segment.  Essential standards will be assessed through a variety of means, such as active participation, athletic performances, presentations, tests and more.

Structured Practice (alphas) will be assessed daily and will include your student’s daily performance of being properly dressed, demonstrating proper behavior and formative learning experiences.


Students will be provided with 5 minutes to change into proper athletic wear.  While changing clothes is not required, it is recommended for performance and hygiene reasons.  Proper athletic wear must meet the requirements below

  • Clothing must adhere to all WSCA dress code rules .  Please see the student handbook for more information on the school dress policy.
  • Shoes are required for participation.  Footwear exposing the feet or toes will result in lost participation points for that day.


If you would like to reach me for communication about your student, please use the email address listed above.  

Google Classroom:

Class communication will be conducted through Google Classroom.  Google Classroom will act as the hub of all group communication as well as digital assignment distribution and submission.  Every guardian and student needs to be connected to Google Classroom to receive announcements, emails and feedback about your child’s academic progress. 

Short Term Absences, Modifications, Excusals (5 days or less):

If a student is well enough to attend school, then he/she is well enough to participate in Physical Education.  However, I also recognize that there are legitimate reasons for being excused from/modifying physical activity.  


In order to be excused from/modify class activities the student must have a note from their guardian which includes why the student is being excused/modified from the parent and/or physician.  All notes must be present ON the same day of class . If the student needs to be excused for more than 5 school days, a doctor’s note is required. 

Parent and/or doctor’s notes excusing your student from physical education will also result in not being able to participate in school athletics on the same day.

Long Term Absences, Modifications, Excusals (6 days or more):

Modified Physical Activity:  is for those students with chronic conditions that may limit their participation in physical education.  Examples would be scoliosis, Osgood-Schlatter’s, IBS, broken bones, extended illnesses, and surgery. These students are required to have a note completed by their physician.  This will help the Physical Education staff develop a plan so the student can safely participate in class activities.

Students who have long term absences may be given academic work to accompany their modified physical activity to supplement learning.  This will be done at teacher discretion and determined on a case by case basis.

Make Ups:

I do not teach an extended learning class, as such, students should see me on an individual basis to arrange a time to make up missed learning experiences.

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