We are excited about the upcoming school year. Returning student schedules will be mailed out the week of August 8-12 for students who have all fees, books, outstanding debts cleared and the Emergency Card information submitted. If you have anything to be cleared, please come to the front desk during office hours. New students will pick up their schedule as indicated on our Back to School Orientation page.

There was a short window in mid-July in which the schedules were available for viewing accidentally and we want to communicate that schedules were not finalized at that time. Schedule changes are still occurring this week as we finalize our master schedule.  As mentioned, the official schedules will be mailed home.

There was much thought and effort put into student scheduling. There are a variety of factors such as staffing, course enrollment, master schedule constraints etc that were considered. The following are the only reasons we can consider a schedule change: 

  • graduation or college entrance requirement needed
  • a course that has already been completed
  • a course without the proper prerequisites met
  • duplicated courses or periods

Elective choices were considered in the order of priority listed on the student registration sheet from last spring. In many cases, first and second choices were not able to be accommodated. In addition, some students have been placed in a Math Lab class in addition to their regular math class due to a variety of factors that indicated they need math support. We will not be able to make changes due to wanting to be with friends, particular teachers or just for elective preference sake. 

There is new terminology on the student schedules. Pack Time refers to the previous Advisory class time period.  Period 7/8 is a new rotation of support classes that will have an emphasis in supporting student learning specifically in Math and English. 

In an effort to guide you in the process of communication, our new counseling office personnel will be as follows:

  • Mrs. Allen - Registrar - Grades 7 & 8
  • Mrs. Womeldorf - Counseling Tech - Grades 9 & 10
  • Mr. Kling - Assistant Principal / Counselor - Grades 11 &12

All schedule change requests need to be submitted by September 7th or the class is subject to receiving a No Credit for the semester. Time has been set aside August 15th and 16th from 8:00am to 4:00pm to assist with schedule change requests.

Again, we look forward to the school year and looking forward to seeing you August 17th. Remember it is a minimum day from 8:25am to 12:30pm.