Academic Summer Learning Opportunities

We will continue to have Summer Session as we have in the past where high school students can clear incompletes for second semester core classes if they are within 1-2 Beta assessments away from passing the class. Students have until June 29th to clear their incomplete(s) and can finish as soon as they are done.  Students will be identified and recommended for Summer Session by their teacher towards the end of May depending on academic progress at that time. The first day will be June 14 and the times will be from 8:30 to 11:30am.

 For the first time, we will be offering Summer School which will be a three week class in which students commit to the entire summer school session and actually earn credit for a semester class that previously had a No Credit (NC).  This is a limited credit recovery opportunity for English and Math.  Class will either be in the morning from 8:00 to 11:30 or in the afternoon from 12:00 to 3:30 from June 14 to June 29.  Please fill out the Summer School 2017 form in order to register and turn it into Mrs. Allen by May 15th. These are available by clicking here and also in Student Services

 Now is the time to encourage your student to be aware of their grades and finish strong for the second semester.  If you have any questions about a particular grade, please contact the teacher of that class for clarity.  

At this time, you only need to fill out a Summer School form if your NC correlates to one of our course offerings listed.  Otherwise, Summer Session rosters will be determined by second semester performance later in May.  Please be aware, if your student does not pass a core class during second semester; they may not have the opportunity for credit recovery through Summer School later.