Honor Code & C-Prep

Student Pledge
As a member of the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy community, I pledge to conduct myself at all times honorably and in a way that shows pride in myself, my family, my school and my community. As a person of honor I will show:


Respect for Academic Honesty in all my scholastic efforts. I will at all times use my best efforts to accomplish the highest academic achievement of which I am capable. My words and my work will be free from deceit, plagiarism and misrepresentation.


Respect for Others in all my words, expressions and deeds. I will be kind and courteous to teachers, staff and fellow students and refrain from hurtful words and actions. I will respect people’s privacy. I will encourage others to pursue personal happiness and academic success in the school community.


Respect for Property at all times. I will treat my school as I would my home and the property of others as private and not to be touched without their permission. I will take pride in my campus and go out of my way to always insure that my school reflects the values and expectations of a quality learning and work environment.


Respect for Myself in everything I do. I understand that my academic work, my conduct with others, my attitude towards property, my personal honor and the honor of my school community are my personal responsibility. I will uphold this code by observing it myself and assisting my school peers in making self- honoring choices. I am committed to actively support the Western Sierra Honor Code and promise to faithfully follow these responsible, resourceful and respectful expectations.



C-Prep Statement 
As a Western Sierra student, I am….


  • To work hard
  • To do whatever it takes
  • To dedicate the time and effort necessary to achieve success
  • To become a life-long learner
  • To be honorable, kind, generous, and empathetic



  • To be in class on time
  • With my homework
  • To manage my time for tests, projects, and deadlines
  • To be ready to participate



  • Of myself – my body, my heritage, my own strengths and values
  • Of others – no put downs; respect my family, my teachers, my classmates, people from different backgrounds, people in my community and around the world; I help other people out
  • Of the space – stash my trash; take care of my stuff; clean up after myself; take care of my planet; and challenge others to do the same



  • To make appropriate eye contact with others
  • To participate in class and outside of class discussions
  • To avoid one word answers
  • To seek out interesting problems and make things better
  • To give and receive feedback from peers and teachers with optimism



  • By doing my Personal Best in everything I do
  • By showing up on time and staying ‘til the end
  • By being aware of the quality standards expected of me; meet or exceed them
  • By using appropriate and intelligent language
  • By wearing appropriate clothing at my school/professional workplace
  • By using my own words and my own work free from deceit, plagiarism, and misrepresentation