Speak Up!

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What is Speak Up?
Speak Up offers students the ability to voice concerns about school safety and the well-being of fellow students. Students can submit an anonymous report of anything of concern, from bullying, threats of violence, or any other urgent situation. Speak Up professionals evaluate submissions and notify school officials.  

  • Students see the Speak Up for Safety address whenever they start to compose an email
  • Messages sent to Speak Up for Safety result in an auto-reply, which explains how the tip line works. Speak Up replies include a phone number that students can use for anonymous text messages or phone calls. 
  • A monthly reminder sent to all students includes a dedicated Speak Up for Safety phone number as well as more information about the tip line. 
Report incidents such as:
• Bullying • Alcohol or drug related issues • Violence, threats, or weapons possession
• Cyberbullying • Hazing   • Ethics violations such as cheating or plagiarism
• Harassment • Discrimination  
To report an incident:
Speak Up for Safety email: [email protected]
Speak Up for Safety Phone # (voicemail and text): 1-279-400-2130
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