High School Transcripts & Documents Requests

two peices of paper Transcript Requests


Currently we have waived fees for all transcripts due to COVID-19. 


All Current High School, Graduated or Former Western Sierra students that need an official or unofficial transcript for personal use, academic enrichment (except Sierra College), scholarship or colleges, need to fill out the online Western Sierra Transcript Request.


Phone, fax and/or e-mail requests are not accepted.


Allow 5 business days for processing. 


For other questions regarding transcripts, please email Carol Repetti at crepetti@rocklinacademy.org



SENIORS Only:   


  1. Please read and follow the Senior College Application Checklist before submitting a transcript request.
  2. Please read and follow the Senior Transcript Request Process.
  3. For all personal use (unofficial or official), direct mail to institutions and/or colleges or scholarship requests, complete the Western Sierra Transcript Request.




two peices of paperDocument Requests

Please fill out the Document Request Form if you are in need of any of the following:


  • Latest Report Card/Progress Report (Current students - report cards can be printed from your PowerSchool Portal)
  • GATE letter (Gifted And Talented Education)
  • CAASPP results (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Other
Phone, fax and/or e-mail requests are not accepted.


For schools requesting student records, please visit Records Request.