Western Sierra Document Requests

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Document Requests

Phone, fax and/or e-mail requests are not accepted.

Allow 5 business days for processing. 
For current students, documents are available to print from the PowerSchool Student or Parent Portal:
  • Report Cards
  • NWEA MAP Assessments
  • CAASPP Student Score Reports
To locate documents in PowerSchool:
  • Log into the PowerSchool Portal
  • Reports can be found under Student Reports or Score Reports from the left Navigation menu
Prior RAFOS students or current students that need any of the following, please fill out a Document Request Form
  • Previous Report Card (not found in PowerSchool)
  • GATE Identification Letter (Gifted And Talented Education)
  • ELPAC Student Score Reports (not found in PowerSchool)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Behavioral/Discipline Letter
  • Verification of Enrollment
  • Other (prior students in need of past report cards or MAP assessments)
For Schools requesting student records, please visit Student Records Request.