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AP World History is a challenging and exciting course of study.Hopefully, students will find it memorable  and become enthusiastic.  With many years experience in the classroom, I discover that I enjoy teaching much more now than I did when I started.  Each day in the class is a joy.
One of the photos I have uploaded to this site is of  my Scottish Terrier puppy. Raising and training show dogs has been my hobby for most of my life. I have worked with many breeds and find that training animals has helped me develop great patience and compassion.  Growing up on a ranch, I have also been given the opportunity to have horses. I find that many students share my passion for animals.  I currently live on a small ranch property in Auburn.
It is an honor and a privilege to teach our wonderful students at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy. Students can always tell which room is mine.  It is the one with all the Canadian flags.