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Hello students and parents! 👋
Welcome to the best classes at Western Sierra.... The ones I teach. 😉🤣
I am now entering decade status at this wonderful institution, so that either means I am doing something right, or I have insane luck passing every charisma based diplomacy check put before me. (D&D anyone? 🐉🎲🧙)
For the 2022-23 school year, I will be teaching AP World History 🌍, AP US Government & Politics 🗽, and Philosophical Ethics 🏛. I hope you enjoy the show! 🥳

I got into the teaching business to help build citizens who are engaged in creating a better world 👨‍🏫. Everything I do is tied to giving students the literacy and skills needed for them to achieve academic success, discover and develop their own views about historical and societal issues, and give them the courage to take part in the great American experiment.
Specific information related to my subjects can be found using Google Classroom when the school year starts, but feel free to email me if you have any questions! 📧

I hope you have a great school year! 🏫