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My name is Lyman Dayton and I am excited to be entering my ninth year at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy as a seventh grade teacher.  In the last eight years at Western Sierra, I have taught World History, US History, English, Pre-algebra, MS Communications, and CPREP.  Prior to Western Sierra, I taught sixth grade for ten years at Rocklin Academy where I was one of the founding teachers. I graduated from Brigham Young University in 1993 with a double major in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. I taught in Phoenix, Arizona for eight years before moving to Rocklin in 2001.
I have been married for twenty-four years. My wife, Miken (Mrs. Dayton), is a performing arts teacher at Western Sierra, where for the past nine years she has been building a program that is the foundation for her “dream” job. She has taught music on the elementary level and done free-lance work with junior high, high school and collegiate choral groups. We have three children, Reed 21 years old (a Sophomore at Utah State University), Lily 20 years old (serving an 18 month church mission in Colorado), and Joseph 14 years old (entering tenth grade at Western Sierra).
My philosophy of education is centered on student learning and success. All students will succeed with the help and support of parents, teachers, administrators, and hard work. It is my job as an educator to present information in a variety of ways, so students of all abilities can learn in an exciting and challenging way.
I also believe students need an environment that allows them to feel physically and emotionally safe, and I am responsible to work with students to create an environment where risk, both socially and academically, can take place without negative feedback or consequences. My classroom is an environment where students become resourceful, develop into problem solvers as a result. Throughout the school year, life skills of flexibility, ownership, speaking with good purpose, balance, and the importance of learning from mistakes are modeled, discussed, and encouraged. My students and I also take time to celebrate our successes and achievements.
As a result of twenty-five years in the classroom and a variety of life experiences, I have a passion for teaching, especially helping students to realize their potential. I look forward to working with a group of amazing students, parents, teachers, and administrators to collaborate and build a strong culture of student success. I look forward to an exciting new year!
Mr. Dayton