Purchasing Procedures

grocery cart WSCA PSP Purchasing Procedures


There are two main types of purchases that will be made, Reimbursement or Check Request (deposits or pre-payments).  Both require pre-approvals.  Purchases made without pre-approval are subject to denial by the PSP Board and/or Site Administration.  When practical, the Check Request process is more desirable as it does not require funds out of individuals pockets.


Reimbursement Process:

Requestor purchases the items and submits the following to the site:

  • Signed General Check Request form (should have pre-approval prior to purchase being made)
  • Original itemized receipt(s) (taped to an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper) and stapled to the General Check Request Form
Check Request Process (deposits or pre-payments):

Requestor submits the following to the site:



  1. Complete the WSCA PSP General Check Request Form. Requestor can fill in “Initiative” from drop down menu.  Forms can be turned in to the WSCA front office or coordinate with the PSP Treasurer.  Any rushes should be coordinated with the PSP Treasurer.

  2. PSP and Site review the request along with the budget to determine if the purchase is allowable and in-line with the PSP Goal’s and Budget. If request is approved for the purchase to be made, the designee’s sign the form.  Requestor will be notified via email of the approval status.

Note: A mailing address is needed even if the check is being sent to WSCA for pick-up.  Plan on one to two weeks turnaround for check processing.
Please consult with the WSCA PSP [email protected] if you have any questions.