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WSCA Club Mission Statement

Western Sierra Collegiate Academy is committed to promoting school involvement, community spirit, and school pride through the participation and involvement of our school clubs. In the spirit of one of Western Sierra’s core values of creating a community of leaders who are engaged members of society, the basis of many clubs aims to partner with numerous community organizations and outreach. In addition, our clubs provide students an outlet to spend time with other students who have the same interests as themselves, creating a greater sense of community in the school culture.

To form a club:
There are a few steps that must take place in order for a club to exist. Students may submit a Club Application Form to start the process of a club. A club must have a teacher advisor in order to move forward. A teacher advisor's role is to help support students with the purpose and direction of the club. All outgoing communication, emails, and announcement submissions must be submitted by the teacher advisor. Any information that the club desires to send out to the school or public community must be submitted by the Administration for approval. Here is a checklist capturing these steps:

*Club Checklist
❏ Find a teacher advisor and email them to see if they are willing to serve as your club’s advisor. School clubs must have a teacher advisor in order to be approved.
❏ Determine when and how club meetings will occur (discuss this with the teacher advisor)
         ❏ Teacher advisor must approve any submissions for the daily announcements 
         ❏ Teacher advisor must email Ms. Stevens and Administration for approval before submitting any announcements about the club for the newsletter, website, or any communication to be sent out to families
❏ Fill out the Club Application Form and turn in to the student services box or Administration's box
❏ Make sure the club is approved before meeting
❏ Begin advertising!
❏ It is suggested that you have members email you or the teacher to join.
❏ Note: Teachers can create a club Google Classroom if they wish
❏ As students join, make a list of members and emails so teachers can send communications directly to club members (if they join a Google Classroom, it makes this step much easier!).

*Please understand that the ability to run a club depends on the teachers ability to serve as an advisor.