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Welcome to the Choral Performing Arts at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy!
MIDDLE SCHOOL CHOIR: The middle school ensemble provides an opportunity for students to develop their skill as singers and readers of music.  Emphasis is placed on good fundamentals of singing, including posture, breathing, tone, and vocal control.  Students will also be introduced to music history related to the songs studied and performed, as well as a broad overview of music history and an exploration of the careers related to music.  Our middle school choir is "The Pack" (middle school mixed).
HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS: Our high school choirs perform music from different genres and time periods, with a focus on pop and jazz music in the 1st and 4th quarters.  An important part of developing as a musician is having an understanding of the theory and rules that make up music and being able to apply those rules to learn music faster and perform better.  Study of the different historical periods of music and current career opportunities in music is also included.  All high school ensembles--Choir (Wolfgang), Choir (Advanced, Honors--The Alphas & Sierra Serenade), and Band--will compete at a selected competition in the spring, as well as participate in other festivals at the discretion of the directors.  
We have had twelve very successful years with the visual and performing arts at WSCA, and I'm looking forward to another great year.  
This year, I am also privileged to teach Middle School Theatre Arts.  This is an introductory course to prepare students for future classes in Theatre, or simply to gain more confidence in public speaking, build social skills, and develop abilities as a performer.