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Early Out Program (EOP)



What is the Early Out Program (EOP)?


The Early Out Program is defined as the opportunity to leave school early. Early dismissal would begin at 2:35 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2:45 on Wednesday. This gives the student the option of not attending their Enrichment and Tutorial class with parental permission. A student is still expected to attend a Workshop if a teacher has selected you to attend. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THEIR POWERSCHOOL PORTAL DAILY TO SEE IF A TEACHER HAS SELECTED YOU FOR A WORKSHOP.



What is the criteria to meet eligibility for EOP?


Students must qualify MONTHLY to be eligible for EOP.



* Must have a current weighted GPA (defined as current grades for current term) of no less than 3.0


* Must not be carrying an incomplete in any class


* Must adhere to attendance and discipline policies


The above must be in place at the designated time of evaluation (see dates below).





* Students must stop at the front desk and sign out before leaving.


* Parents agree to arrange transportation at the above indicated time in a manner similar to regular end-of-day pickup.


* Students without transportation by 2:45 pm (Wednesday 2:55 pm) will be escorted back to a scheduled Enrichment/Support class.



How do I authorize my student to participate in EOP?


Student and Parent/Guardian will each receive a personal email with instructions if the student has qualified.


* Both student and parent/guardian must digitally sign letter in PowerSchool.  

* Parent/guardian only must submit digital signature on Google Form (link found in their personal email).

* Forms need to be digitally signed no later than specified in the email in order to be placed on the

   EOP pass list.  



A few reminders: 
  • If your student has an open period for both 5th and 6th periods, you do not need to participate in or authorize EOP.
  • EOP is optional and not mandatory to participate.  Parents, if you do not want your student to participate,
    you do not need to do anything.


Early Out Program Dates:  



Grades Pulled Date

Student / Parent Notification by

Digital student/parent signatures & Google Form submission due date


Run Dates


August 18 (20-21 S2 unweighted)

Thursday, August 19th

Friday, August 27th

August 30th -

October 1st


Friday, September 17th 8:00am

Monday, September 20th

Monday, September 27th

October 4th -

October 29th


Monday, October 18th 8:00am

Tuesday, October 19th

Wednesday, October 27th

November 1st -

November 30th


Monday, November 15th 8:00am

Tuesday, November 16th

Monday, November 29th

December 1st -

December 15th


Thursday, December 16th 8:00am

Friday, December 17th

Tuesday, January 4th (this is during winter break!)

January 5th -

January 31, 2022


 Friday, January 21st

Monday, January 24th

Thursday, January 27th

February 1st -

February 28th

MARCH 2022

Friday, February 18th 8:00am

Friday, February 18th

Friday, February 25th (this is during President's Week break!)

March 1st -

March 31st

APRIL 2022

Monday, March 21st 8:00am

Tuesday, March 22nd 8:00am

Monday, March 28th

April 1st - 

April 29th


Tuesday, April 19th 8:00am

Tuesday, April 19th

Monday, April 25th

May 2nd -

June 1st


Reporting Method:  EOP Information will be posted in the Daily Bulletin in PowerSchool and the Friday newsletter with student and parent instructions to check email and follow submission instructions and deadlines.